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We have a vision here at Kaspi Creative to build multiple production teams. Each production team has three key members: Producer/Director/Photographer, Producer/Director/Videographer, and Editor/Uploader.

Qualities we look for in every job applicant include leadership ability, emotional intelligence, intellectual intelligence, a unique perspective and the ability to learn. We are looking for someone who has enough self-awareness to identify the facts that hold him or her and our company back from even greater success. We want people who are naturally talented at solving problems creatively.

Leadership ability is critical for all of the positions because a production team’s primary objective is to plan and lead photo and video shoots. To do that effectively each person must be confident and influential. Each team must have great people skills, decision making skills, and intuition. If a team cannot build the trust of the models, who range in age from zero to 100+ years in age, how will they be effective at directing them? This is why leadership ability is first on our list of qualities we look for in every job applicant.

Emotional intelligence, according to Daniel Goleman, includes self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill. Emotional awareness is said to play a bigger role in successful leaders than intellectual intelligence. In the book On Emotional Intelligence which is a collection of Harvard Business Review articles, Daniel Goleman defines the five skills:

  • Self-awareness: Knowing one’s emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drives, values, and goals–and their impact on others.
  • Self-regulation: Controlling or redirecting disruptive emotions and impulses.
  • Motivation: Being driven to achieve for the sake of achievement.
  • Empathy: Considering other’s feelings especially when making decisions.
  • Social skill: Managing relationships to move people in desired directions.

Any person who has all five of these skills is someone we want to be working with in some capacity. One thing we have noticed after dozens of interviews is that many people know their strengths, or claim they know their strengths. But very few people actual know and are willing to share their weaknesses. Most people want to be clever and say they are a perfectionist as though that’s a bad thing. It usually takes two or three tries before an interviewee is able to come up with an actual weakness if they are even able to. Self-awareness is not a natural strength in most people we interview. When we meet someone who is truly self-aware it is exciting.

Being able to regulate emotions allows a person to grow through constructive criticism without becoming defensive or shutting down. There will be many opportunities to review each person’s work with the intention to find ways of doing things better. Building a culture of openness is important to us. It takes emotional strength and humility to be able to take someone else’s criticism and proactively respond constructively.

Without motivation and drive nothing will get accomplished. Everyone is motivated by something. “Being driven to achieve for the sake of achievement” defines the type of motivation we are looking for. When motivation is combined with conscientiousness the results are usually a very effective person.

Trust is a critical ingredient in leadership. Without trust its not really possible to influence someone. Empathy builds trust. Empathetic leaders win the hearts and minds of the people they influence. We strive to make ever single model we work with feel important. We want to earn their trust.

We work with people. We don’t have a product without our models. Whether a shoot has one model or fifty to effectively direct them, “move them in the desired direction,” it takes social skill. To wait for models to do the right thing is not effective. They must be directed. Every team member must be prepared and able to coach our talent.

Intellectual intelligence is very beneficial to us when it is accompanied by leadership ability and emotional intelligence. Intellectual intelligence includes skill like creative problem solving, pattern recognition, technical knowledge, and artistic ability. Even the best leader who doesn’t know anything about what we do or how we do it won’t be of much value to us until they learn it. Someone with the ability to learn our industry and recognize the demands of our clients then creatively solve the problems that prevent us from delivering high-demand content to our clients is who we are looking for.

In our interview process we assess all candidates for the qualities mentioned above. We do so starting with written and phone/video chat interviews then we move to in person interviews asking a range of behavioural and situational questions. If a job applicant gets through the in person interviews we finish up with a couple job assessments. During the job assessments we will look for confirmation that what you told us about yourself in the interview process is consistent.

Why do we go to such lengths when hiring? One of our main goals as an organization is to create a challenging and fulfilling workplace culture of high performers who are principle centred and driven by effective habits. We want to hire and retain only humble, hungry, and smart people who thrive when working on a team. We want to work together to discover and build on each person’s talents and creativity.

If this is the type of environment you can picture yourself in the best place to start is sending us a well thought out cover letter and resume.

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