One of the challenges of creating a usable stock image is creating a setup that looks realistic but also eye appealing.  Consequently, many of our images end up looking a little different than when the shutter closed in on it. 

Take, for example, this “happy mixed ethnicity” family, frolicking in the park, as though they do it all the time.  The father playfully chases his daughter, the son holds his beloved sister’s hand, and the mother smiles with a grin that show no concern of dirty dishes, PTA meetings, and the piles of laundry at home.  The truth?  Well, they just met an hour before this shot was captured.  Well done, models!

Stock Photo

Happy mixed ethnicity family running in the park

Then there is this one – taken several years ago.  Just a random group of friendly peeps, with multiple ethnicities represented, as well as a varied range of ages.  What a bright, open concept location!  Reality?  This was taken in the dark, unfinished basement of a house we briefly rented.  It has become our top selling image ever.  Well, so far.

Stock Photo

Large group of mixed ethnicities, multi ages

Again, the perfect set up.  Only in reality, the “doctor” had never worn a stethoscope and the “mother” doesn’t have any children.

Stock Photo

Healthy little girl at the doctor’s office

And this sweet little baby happens to be mine.  Not hers.

Stock Photo

Baby getting her immunizations and vaccinations at doctor’s office.

This is a friend of ours that has posed as many different occupations for us.  Not a doctor. 

Stock Photo

Successful doctor posing with his medical team.

And so it goes.  And goes.  Every time we put together a shoot, we look for that balance between making it “real” and making it appealing.  Stock photography and stock video has the unique challenge of not crossing that line of this-is-so-corny-I-could-puke-or-laugh but also showing something that advertising are proud to use on their material.

We love our models, our sets and the fun we have at transforming people into someone else for a couple of hours.  Lots more to come!

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