Talent Search – Peterborough, Ontario

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There are many benefits to living in Peterborough, Ontario. It’s a city large enough to have lots going on but still not be overly crowded. It’s the gateway to the Kawartha’s which means there is a plethora of outdoor activities to keep the active person happy. It’s also close enough to Toronto to make a day trip there but still not part of the Greater Toronto Area. These are three of the many reasons we chose Peterborough as the centre of our operations.

It’s been 18 months since we’ve moved Kaspi Creative from Oshawa to Peterborough. In that 18 months we’ve experience about 50% growth in sales. We’ve hired three full-time employees and contracted more production and modelling talent than ever before. Our portfolio has grown from about 30,000 assets to 56,000 assets.

The first ingredient in our SMaC Recipe (from the book Great by Choice) is to create a challenging and fulfilling workplace culture of high achievers who are principle centred and driven by effective habits. Hire and retain only humble, hungry, and smart people capable of working independently and interdependently. Work together to discover and build on each person’s talents and creativity.

It is obviously very important to us to create a great work environment for great workers. That includes everyone from our full-time staff to our contracted models and actors. If the description above describes you and you are interested in the photo/video production industry please let us know who you are. Working with great people is why our business is growing. We are always looking for more people who can help us achieve our goals.

Below is a pretty awesome video created by one of our contractors just a few weeks ago. All the clips in the video below are licensable through us.

Hawaiian Images and Video

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We spent two weeks on Kauai shooting stock photo and video content. The photos and videos we’ve shot have been found in numerous magazines, brochures, online and advertisements. We’ve been contacted directly about licensing specific content. Overall our trip to Hawaii was a great success. We plan to return this winter to create more photos and videos and make them available to be licensed.

Here is a link to over 1200 stock photos and videos taken in Hawaii.

Hawaii Tropical Vacation Stock Photos and Videos


Licensable Aerial Video of Toronto

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Creating stock video is something we are passionate about. Flying drones and flying in helicopters are both things we have experience doing. Combining our passion with experience is common for us at Kaspi Creative.

We recently chartered an AS355 TwinStar helicopter from Four Seasons Aviation and a Cineflex from Whites in Toronto to capture some stock footage of the city. We focused on the urban skyline of the financial district and the CN Tower.

This stock footage clip below is a view of downtown Toronto, Ontario flying in from the West. Click here to for licensing options.

This stock footage clip below is a view of downtown Toronto, Ontario flying around from the East. Click here for licensing options.

This stock footage clip below is a fly in and closeup zoom of the CN Tower from the South. Click here for licensing options.

We have dozens of other stock aerial video clips of Toronto and other locations around North America.




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