Just Another Party

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From the outside looking in, it looked not much different than a year end hockey, maybe gymnastics, club party.  You know the kind – one of those parties where all the family and siblings are invited to come and gather and eat and play and just celebrate.  Kids were playing in all corners with various blocks, bouncy balls, trinkets, and electronics.  Parents were helping their children open up delicious snacks and pop off the straws on sugary juice boxes.  People were meeting eac

h other, exchanges contact info and finding commonalities.  It was a party full of 79 people of all ages.

From the inside – from the perspective of our producer – it was internal time bomb, knowing that all must run smoothly if this day was to be pulled off with success.  Each child needed a model release signed by whichever one of these dozen mothers might be hers.  Each kid needed to be given an envelope with his precious earnings, to be safe kept by whichever uncle brought him.  The matching process is always a challenging game.  


Then, each kid needed to be dressed properly –  coordinating, but not matching, with the others in her shoot.  Dora the Explorer shirts needed to go.  Black leopard print pants needed to be changed.  And the identical shirts needed to hash out which one had to find something else.

But when all the logistics were tied up and all the kids were in order, the real fun began.  In midst of bustling chaos all around the set, we successful managed to wrangle tens and tens of beautiful children into 2 groups of preschool and 3 groups of elementary aged classrooms.

The kids shone us their gorgeous smiles, their eyes lighting up with pride as the audience of the day – the grandparents, parents, uncles and siblings, watched on while it was their time to shine.  They pretended to know each other as we paired them for group work shots or asked them to pretend like they were best friends.  The little ones sat on the lap of their “teacher of the day” as she read them stories.  

It was an honour to capture these moments.  Yes, they were perhaps fabricated and staged.  But they were in no small way inauthentic.  


They were real kids who were brightening up the studio with their sparkle, their lives.  They were exactly the reason that I love what I do.  It was nothing but a privilege to share the time and space with them.  


Thanks to all who came out and we hope to see some new faces next time!*


*Email terri@kaspi.ca if you want to join in on the fun!  We look for people of all ages!

Talent Search – Peterborough, Ontario

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There are many benefits to living in Peterborough, Ontario. It’s a city large enough to have lots going on but still not be overly crowded. It’s the gateway to the Kawartha’s which means there is a plethora of outdoor activities to keep the active person happy. It’s also close enough to Toronto to make a day trip there but still not part of the Greater Toronto Area. These are three of the many reasons we chose Peterborough as the centre of our operations.

It’s been 18 months since we’ve moved Kaspi Creative from Oshawa to Peterborough. In that 18 months we’ve experience about 50% growth in sales. We’ve hired three full-time employees and contracted more production and modelling talent than ever before. Our portfolio has grown from about 30,000 assets to 56,000 assets.

The first ingredient in our SMaC Recipe (from the book Great by Choice) is to create a challenging and fulfilling workplace culture of high achievers who are principle centred and driven by effective habits. Hire and retain only humble, hungry, and smart people capable of working independently and interdependently. Work together to discover and build on each person’s talents and creativity.

It is obviously very important to us to create a great work environment for great workers. That includes everyone from our full-time staff to our contracted models and actors. If the description above describes you and you are interested in the photo/video production industry please let us know who you are. Working with great people is why our business is growing. We are always looking for more people who can help us achieve our goals.

Below is a pretty awesome video created by one of our contractors just a few weeks ago. All the clips in the video below are licensable through us.

2016 Reel

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2016 was a year of positive change and growth in many directions as we dove into new projects and creative ideas without fear or hesitation. We were hungry to create and grow with every shot, running with what worked and learning from what didn’t. We shifted our focus from the broad topics to include smaller concepts we had not tried before.

The great thing about being in stock photography is that we get to capture all aspects of the most authentic, inspiring, and precious moments in life, and this year we got to see them through the eyes of many different team members as we expanded. It’s important to put multiple lenses on the same focus, because the picture will always be different, and we strive to get as many different pictures as we can. Our entire team came together in July to learn from each other and do a big push for production, and then we kept it going as our Oregon counterparts returned home.

We tried a lot of new things last year, and we are so excited to shoot for even more in 2017.

More of our work and behind the scenes here:
iStock Portfolio: http://www.istockphoto.com/portfolio/…
Getty Images Portfolio: http://www.gettyimages.ca/search/phot…
Website: http://www.kaspicreative.com/
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/KASPICreative


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It seems as though the media constantly drills us with the glamorous life of models. What, with their perfect lives and perfect bodies, who wouldn’t want in on that action? Being actively involved with hundreds of stock photo / video shoots, I’ve picked up some insight into what it takes to achieve greatness in the modeling industry and maybe even land yourself a $15-$20 gig.

jonny and meilani long at a kaspicreative photo shoot

1. BE VERSATILE. As you can see in the above example, We’re clearly exuding confidence and comfortability in a natural and authentic way while simultaneously ninja chopping carrots and stirring scalding hot soup without looking. Much of what it takes to break into the modeling industry is being capable of wearing multiple hats.

jonny and meilani long at kaspi photo shoot

2. BECOME SOMEONE ELSE. It’s important to channel your inner Derek Zoolander and become whatever is being captured. As you can see above, I’m excelling at portraying domestic unhappiness and focusing the attention on how terrible and unfairly I’m being treated by my wife.

jonny and meilani long at a kaspicreative photo shoot

3. READ MINDS. Modeling is all about hearing the director out and subsequently doing a 180 and presenting new, interesting, and useful ideas for sellable themed content. In the image above, this is clearly an example of just that. Realizing that these miniature toilets were unquestionably under-utilized, we recommended getting some shots to showcase what might become the trendy thing to purchase in 2016, small footprint toilets.

jonny and meilani long at a kaspicreative photo shoot

4. EXERCISE AT ALL TIMES. The life of a model can be strenuous on the go with long hours and countless meals of body destroying/carb loading salads, hummus, and wheat pita bread. Because of this, it’s incredibly important to take every opportunity to tighten that core and get your sweat on. Once again, in the example above you can see that despite the fact that my wife Meilani and I dressed as though we’re heading to a formal dinner party, we still make time to get in synchronized wall ball slams and squats.

jonny and meilani long at a kaspicreative photo shoot

5. LEAD BY EXAMPLE. As an up and coming model, everyone on set will want to become you. You’ve made it because of your innate ability to look perfect at all times, including while you sleep, drive, eat food, etc. You must become a mentor and teach the younger generations how to become successful. In the comparison above, you’ll notice how Meilani and I gave our less experienced, new-to-the-modeling-industry friends a glimpse into perfect posture, expression, body language, and what flawless non-verbal chemistry looks like. 

I hope these tips were helpful for you and please don’t hesitate to drop us a line or shoot us an email if you’re in need of any additional samples or tips to help you get started.

Is it real?

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One of the challenges of creating a usable stock image is creating a setup that looks realistic but also eye appealing.  Consequently, many of our images end up looking a little different than when the shutter closed in on it. 

Take, for example, this “happy mixed ethnicity” family, frolicking in the park, as though they do it all the time.  The father playfully chases his daughter, the son holds his beloved sister’s hand, and the mother smiles with a grin that show no concern of dirty dishes, PTA meetings, and the piles of laundry at home.  The truth?  Well, they just met an hour before this shot was captured.  Well done, models!

Stock Photo

Happy mixed ethnicity family running in the park

Then there is this one – taken several years ago.  Just a random group of friendly peeps, with multiple ethnicities represented, as well as a varied range of ages.  What a bright, open concept location!  Reality?  This was taken in the dark, unfinished basement of a house we briefly rented.  It has become our top selling image ever.  Well, so far.

Stock Photo

Large group of mixed ethnicities, multi ages

Again, the perfect set up.  Only in reality, the “doctor” had never worn a stethoscope and the “mother” doesn’t have any children.

Stock Photo

Healthy little girl at the doctor’s office

And this sweet little baby happens to be mine.  Not hers.

Stock Photo

Baby getting her immunizations and vaccinations at doctor’s office.

This is a friend of ours that has posed as many different occupations for us.  Not a doctor. 

Stock Photo

Successful doctor posing with his medical team.

And so it goes.  And goes.  Every time we put together a shoot, we look for that balance between making it “real” and making it appealing.  Stock photography and stock video has the unique challenge of not crossing that line of this-is-so-corny-I-could-puke-or-laugh but also showing something that advertising are proud to use on their material.

We love our models, our sets and the fun we have at transforming people into someone else for a couple of hours.  Lots more to come!

Hawaiian Images and Video

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We spent two weeks on Kauai shooting stock photo and video content. The photos and videos we’ve shot have been found in numerous magazines, brochures, online and advertisements. We’ve been contacted directly about licensing specific content. Overall our trip to Hawaii was a great success. We plan to return this winter to create more photos and videos and make them available to be licensed.

Here is a link to over 1200 stock photos and videos taken in Hawaii.

Hawaii Tropical Vacation Stock Photos and Videos


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