Talent Search – Peterborough, Ontario

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There are many benefits to living in Peterborough, Ontario. It’s a city large enough to have lots going on but still not be overly crowded. It’s the gateway to the Kawartha’s which means there is a plethora of outdoor activities to keep the active person happy. It’s also close enough to Toronto to make a day trip there but still not part of the Greater Toronto Area. These are three of the many reasons we chose Peterborough as the centre of our operations.

It’s been 18 months since we’ve moved Kaspi Creative from Oshawa to Peterborough. In that 18 months we’ve experience about 50% growth in sales. We’ve hired three full-time employees and contracted more production and modelling talent than ever before. Our portfolio has grown from about 30,000 assets to 56,000 assets.

The first ingredient in our SMaC Recipe (from the book Great by Choice) is to create a challenging and fulfilling workplace culture of high achievers who are principle centred and driven by effective habits. Hire and retain only humble, hungry, and smart people capable of working independently and interdependently. Work together to discover and build on each person’s talents and creativity.

It is obviously very important to us to create a great work environment for great workers. That includes everyone from our full-time staff to our contracted models and actors. If the description above describes you and you are interested in the photo/video production industry please let us know who you are. Working with great people is why our business is growing. We are always looking for more people who can help us achieve our goals.

Below is a pretty awesome video created by one of our contractors just a few weeks ago. All the clips in the video below are licensable through us.

Why It’s Important to Remember Names

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I’ve had this moment more times than I care to admit. When I see someone whose name I should know, but nothing comes to mind. Sometimes, it’s possible to cover it up, but usually it turns into a slightly awkward social situation. As a result, I’ve started actively remembering names.

Both in business settings and in general, forgetting someone’s name is a potentially embarrassing situation – even if just for a moment – for both parties. It may be a small thing, but from a director’s perspective, a photoshoot goes much more smoothly if we can remember our models’ names. Rather than asking “the woman in the blue” if she can move to the left, or whispering a quick “what’s her name?” to each other, we can specifically ask each person by name to adjust as we need. And remembering the right name avoids awkwardly calling out a bunch of names until the right person looks up – which saves us looking like we aren’t invested in our models. It also makes it easier to encourage people – particularly those who are new to modelling and aren’t fully comfortable yet; especially in big groups, having a comment like “That was great, Katie!” can go a long way towards helping someone relaxin front of the camera.

We never want our models to feel like props; personalising their experience, and making each model feel important and respected, makes our shoots feel more natural – even if we’ve taken a construction worker and had them act as a doctor or vice versa. Our goal is to create a fun, inclusive atmosphere at each of our shoots – and part of that is making our models all feel personally included. From the moment we first meet our models, to when we say goodbye at the end of each shoot, we want to make sure we can make the experience the best we can for them. Taking a few moments to individually thank each person for coming out has a bigger impact than a generic thank you to the entire group.

Sometimes, the little things are the big things.



Hawaiian Images and Video

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We spent two weeks on Kauai shooting stock photo and video content. The photos and videos we’ve shot have been found in numerous magazines, brochures, online and advertisements. We’ve been contacted directly about licensing specific content. Overall our trip to Hawaii was a great success. We plan to return this winter to create more photos and videos and make them available to be licensed.

Here is a link to over 1200 stock photos and videos taken in Hawaii.

Hawaii Tropical Vacation Stock Photos and Videos


11 Reasons We Love Shooting Stock

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  1. We don’t have to wake up at 4:30am to arrive at a shoot before the sun comes up then shoot nonstop through sunset to please a demanding client. Our clients are silent and if they feel what we have created is good they purchase it.
  2. We can be creative in our own way without being rushed. However creative or uncreative we feel we can apply that to what we are creating.
  3. We are not waiting or hustling for the next big contract but instead watching the sales flow in hour by hour. My father once said he’d rather sell 100 hamburgers than 10 fillet mignons. His point is when you loose one client it doesn’t hurt as bad.
  4. We can travel when we want to and where we want to and with whom we want to. If we want to take our family to Hawaii to do some photo shoots there we can. If we want to spend time with relatives in Oregon or Arizona and squeeze in some shoots on the side to diversify our portfolio we can. If we just want to stay home and work on building our network here we can.
  5. We get to meet and get to know lots of interesting new people every year. At 16 photo shoots per month our contractor and model base is constantly growing. And when we travel we get to meet locals who can teach us about the area.
  6. We get to learn lots of new things about lots of different industries. One of our goals is to diversify our portfolio to meet the needs of as many designers and editors as possible. To do that we need to understand a broad range of things about each industry we are targeting creating content for.
  7. We get to work with smart and creative people who enjoy creating useful photos and video footage. Few things are more satisfying that working with people with similar core values and objectives.
  8. We get to take pictures and video of themes we are most interested in ourselves that reflect what we value. When we see or hear of something new to us that interests us we organize a photo shoot around it.
  9. We don’t have to worry about messing up or things not turning out. The cost of making mistakes is very low. If things don’t go as planned we can learn from the experience and do things better next time.
  10. We like treasure hunts. It’s a treasure hunt to find pictures and videos of our models used in projects around the world.
  11. We are good at it. It’s always fun to do something you feel you are good at doing.

Below is a video and picture that someone licensed today.

License this video here.


Stock photo of young adults taking a cell phone selfie.

License the photo above here.

More of our work here.

Licensable Aerial Video of Toronto

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Creating stock video is something we are passionate about. Flying drones and flying in helicopters are both things we have experience doing. Combining our passion with experience is common for us at Kaspi Creative.

We recently chartered an AS355 TwinStar helicopter from Four Seasons Aviation and a Cineflex from Whites in Toronto to capture some stock footage of the city. We focused on the urban skyline of the financial district and the CN Tower.

This stock footage clip below is a view of downtown Toronto, Ontario flying in from the West. Click here to for licensing options.

This stock footage clip below is a view of downtown Toronto, Ontario flying around from the East. Click here for licensing options.

This stock footage clip below is a fly in and closeup zoom of the CN Tower from the South. Click here for licensing options.

We have dozens of other stock aerial video clips of Toronto and other locations around North America.




Building our Brand

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Over the last five years I have branded Kaspi with both stock photography and drone video production in Toronto, throughout Canada and the Western USA states of Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Hawaii. We have worked hard at creating the highest quality content we can. Our venture started out in Lacombe, Alberta while I was attending Canadian University College, now Burman University. We shot mostly educational themed photos for iStock including university students, elementary students and preschoolers.

In 2010 we moved to Oshawa and tapped into Terri Lynn’s family’s friends and acquaintances. Continually building our brand and expanding our territory we found talent, both crew and models, throughout the Greater Toronto Area and sometimes farther.

In 2011 we started building and flying drones, then large single rotor RC helicopters, and attaching cameras to them. We acquired our first paying drone aerial clients in 2012 and quickly became one of the best, most respected and well known drone photography and video production companies in Canada.


Our photography and video equipment in 2013.

We build both companies simultaneously to become among the top most successful businesses of their kind. By 2013 we were working with clients like McDonalds, Nissan and Ontario Tourism while also shooting about 80 of our own fully produced stock photo shoots per year.

In 2014 the amount of work we had was overwhelming. Chris and Matt were travelling all over North America flying drone cameras worth $25,000 to $95,000 while Terri Lynn, Alex and other assistants were creating more and more stock content.

By 2015 we knew things had to change. There were a lot of decisions to make regarding how to stay at the top of our growing industries. So we headed out on the road for about five months building our brand and making connections throughout the Western United States. We also continued filming from manned helicopters both for clients and stock using handheld gimbals and cinema cameras.

Now in 2016 we’re branching out even more. Matt is now working with all of Kaspi Films‘ Canadian clients, Fly View Aerial working with American clients, Terri Lynn is managing our stock productions in Peterborough, Ontario and Jonny is managing our stock productions in Portland, Oregon while I am working on building and branding Kaspi Creative.

The main goal of Kaspi Creative is to continue building our portfolio of investments through combining a strong network of local and international talent with the creation of stock photos and videos.

If you are interested in getting involved with Kaspi Creative please contact us at info@kaspi.ca.

New Location

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We have been working at increasing our portfolio with creating new photo and video content. Much of our work has been near Peterborough, Ontario. We still submit our photos and videos to our iStockphoto portfolio that we started while living in Lacombe, Alberta.

Peterborough is a very nice city that we’ve been really enjoying. There is a lot of outdoor recreation like fishing, horseback riding and ATVing that we’re excited about.

Here is a recent photo from a drone and robotics university shoot we did in our new studio.


If you are interested in learning more about our company or want to get involved please feel free to contact us at info@kaspi.ca.

Aerial Stock Footage

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Since 2011 Kaspi Creative together with Kaspi Films has been creating aerial footage using both drones and manned helicopters. Our work has taken us all over North America and much of our work is licensable as stock footage.

A recent drone aerial adventure was to Kauai, Hawaii. We also filmed a plethora of aerial footage in Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Ontario, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Bruswick and Newfoundland.

Here are a few examples of our work with drones and helicopters. If you are interested in licensing our footage or want to inquire about how we can work together to help you create your own drone aerial footage please e-mail us at info@kaspi.ca.

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