We are a family working together to create diverse imagery that aims to authentically illustrate a balance of health and happiness. Our goal is to build meaningful relationships with everyone we work with and be a positive influence in our community.

Most of the content we create can be licensed on iStockphoto and Getty Images under the portfolio name FatCamera.

We are always searching for smart creative leaders to add to our small team. If this type of work interests you and you are currently looking a job in the media industry that will challenge your creative and leadership abilities please don’t hesitate to send us a well thought out cover letter and resume.

We are deeply passionate about:
-Using photography and video to share our creative ideas with our clients around the world.
-Creating pictures and videos that we are proud of and reflect the lifestyle we value and enjoy
-Meeting people and making them feel good about themselves at photo shoots
-Finding the content we created being used in projects around the world
-Working in a creative environment as part of a team we are proud of

Our main objective:
Create a fun, challenging, and fulfilling workplace culture of high achievers who are principle centred and driven by effective habits. Hire and retain only humble, hungry, and smart people who positively influence the people around them. Work together to discover and build on each individual’s talents and creativity.

Our History:
2008: Started contributing stock photos to iStockphoto
2011: Incorporated and named our company Kilikopela’s Aperture Studio Photography Inc. (KASPI).
2012: Incorporated Kaspi Films Inc.  as a client focused production company specializing in drone aerial photography.
2015: Decided to focus exclusively on stock photo and video production and give up all client work.
2017: KASPI and Kaspi Films Inc were amalgamated into Kaspi Creative Inc.