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It seems as though the media constantly drills us with the glamorous life of models. What, with their perfect lives and perfect bodies, who wouldn’t want in on that action? Being actively involved with hundreds of stock photo / video shoots, I’ve picked up some insight into what it takes to achieve greatness in the modeling industry and maybe even land yourself a $15-$20 gig.

jonny and meilani long at a kaspicreative photo shoot

1. BE VERSATILE. As you can see in the above example, We’re clearly exuding confidence and comfortability in a natural and authentic way while simultaneously ninja chopping carrots and stirring scalding hot soup without looking. Much of what it takes to break into the modeling industry is being capable of wearing multiple hats.

jonny and meilani long at kaspi photo shoot

2. BECOME SOMEONE ELSE. It’s important to channel your inner Derek Zoolander and become whatever is being captured. As you can see above, I’m excelling at portraying domestic unhappiness and focusing the attention on how terrible and unfairly I’m being treated by my wife.

jonny and meilani long at a kaspicreative photo shoot

3. READ MINDS. Modeling is all about hearing the director out and subsequently doing a 180 and presenting new, interesting, and useful ideas for sellable themed content. In the image above, this is clearly an example of just that. Realizing that these miniature toilets were unquestionably under-utilized, we recommended getting some shots to showcase what might become the trendy thing to purchase in 2016, small footprint toilets.

jonny and meilani long at a kaspicreative photo shoot

4. EXERCISE AT ALL TIMES. The life of a model can be strenuous on the go with long hours and countless meals of body destroying/carb loading salads, hummus, and wheat pita bread. Because of this, it’s incredibly important to take every opportunity to tighten that core and get your sweat on. Once again, in the example above you can see that despite the fact that my wife Meilani and I dressed as though we’re heading to a formal dinner party, we still make time to get in synchronized wall ball slams and squats.

jonny and meilani long at a kaspicreative photo shoot

5. LEAD BY EXAMPLE. As an up and coming model, everyone on set will want to become you. You’ve made it because of your innate ability to look perfect at all times, including while you sleep, drive, eat food, etc. You must become a mentor and teach the younger generations how to become successful. In the comparison above, you’ll notice how Meilani and I gave our less experienced, new-to-the-modeling-industry friends a glimpse into perfect posture, expression, body language, and what flawless non-verbal chemistry looks like. 

I hope these tips were helpful for you and please don’t hesitate to drop us a line or shoot us an email if you’re in need of any additional samples or tips to help you get started.

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  • Chris says:

    Awesome! Right on spot!

  • Sarah Cass says:

    Number five is fairly questionable. While I do see and agree with your point of being a role model, you are directly stating models must show no flaws at any point. While many might see through this, some might take that message to heart. A model must have a work-ethic and resiliance like no other. To say they must be perfect, however, is extremely misleading. I would consider revising this article.

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